Sprained Ankle Symptoms

Sprained Ankle Symptoms

There are many different sprained ankle symptoms and it is important that the symptoms are identified early enough to get the condition treated in the right manner. Ankle sprain actually indicates that there has been an injury in the ligaments that are around the ankle. There are a lot of ligaments that connect the bones of the ankle joint and these ligaments are the ones that provide stability to the foot.

Injury to the ankle ligaments

There is an injury to the ankle ligaments when the foot turns inwards or outwards forcibly, when walking on uneven ground. This can cause severe damage to the ligaments and when this happens, it is called as an ankle sprain. The sprained ankle symptoms can vary depending on the mechanism of injury and also depending on the area that was injured. Commonly the

Symptoms depend on the severity of the injury

Sprained ankle symptoms also depend on the severity of the injury. The severity of the injury can be graded as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. In the person who has sprained ankle symptoms of grade 1, the foot ligaments are only mildly stretched and the pain is minimal. The person who has a Grade 2 ankle sprain will have severe pain because most of the ligament is torn.

Severe symptoms in Grade 3 tear

Ankle Sprain Symptoms
Ankle Sprain Symptoms
On the other hand, the sprained ankle symptoms of a person with the Grade 3 tear will be different because the ligament has been completely torn and there is no connection between the two ends of the ligaments. Even if there are some fibers that are not torn, they are not able to hold the foot together and can cause severe problems for the patient. The person who is suffering from these sprained ankle symptoms will not be able to walk at all. The person cannot weight bear on the affected foot and there will also be instability in the joint.

Ankle sprain treatment of symptoms

The ankle sprain treatment will depend on the sprained ankle symptoms. The minimal injury that causes only pain can be treated according to the ICE principle. This includes the application of ice over the affected area immediately after the injury. Other than the icing over the affected area, the person can also have compression and also elevation of the foot. All these together can lead to the reduction in pain and also improvement in the function. The sprained ankle symptoms should be taken quite seriously. Due to lack of proper treatment in the initial stages can cause permanent tissue damage. And it can also cause laxity of the ligaments, causing chronic sprained ankle symptoms.

How long does it take to heal an ankle sprain?

The ankle sprain can heal within a week or two weeks. The healing will take place only with appropriate treatment including rest. If treatment is delayed or rest is not given, healing may take longer. Also, the severity of symptoms and the type of injury also play a role in healing. If the ankle sprain is Grade 1, it will heal in 2 weeks. In case of a Grade 2 injury, it will take nearly 6 weeks to heal. If it is a grade 3 injury, it will take at least 2 months to heal, after surgery and rehabilitation.

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